Php or ruby on rails?

Hello every one,
I used to use PHP in all my sites and recently I found some people
talking about ruby on rails framework and how great it is , I search
google to know why but I did not get much results ,

can any one explain to me why this framework is great and what advantage
ruby gives me over PHP ?

Thanks alot

Do you want Ruby vs PHP or Rails vs PHP?

Ruby vs PHP: Ruby is a solid, pure OO language that’s fun to program in
has very few, if any, surprises. PHP is a
scripting language for web sites. You really need to spend some time
Ruby, read the books ( to understand
PHP really is a terrible language.

Rails vs PHP: Well, now you’re comparing a web framework with a
which really doesn’t make sense. If you’re sick of manually setting up
database connections, building up SQL queries, hard-coding and hacking
how pages flow together and trying to find the “nice, neat, and proper”
of doing large sites in PHP, well then go look at Rails, because a
of your problems are taken care of for you.

Do you have any specific questions? It’s hard to really compare the two
without either a large dissertation or having a list of questions to
about both.


Thanks Jason,
what you said really will lead my decision, I use DW (dreamweaver) CS3
to setup several things automatically like page layout CSS , database
connection and sql and it is great really , the only thing I dont like
is debugging

just tell me about this framework and is there and IDE like dw I can use
it with RoR?

I dont like to code and then see the result I like to design first the
interface then implement the functionality does RoR do this ?

is there a video tutorials (free or with money) I can see to know how to
connect to DB and making small web app ?

I saw some videos on the but I only see someone code in a black
screen remind me of old programming language, is it the way ruby work,
and how ?

sorry but I completely newbie here

Big C. ,
Wow !! I will get video tutorials from lynda I prefer watching videos
now after 14 years of programming and reading books my eyes get tired :slight_smile:

but if you know an excellent book tell me about it, thanks

I forgot to ask does my current php host can run ruby ?

Hi there,

I was also using PHP for everything, even though (I am a Java -
Flash/Flex dev) I noticed it wasn’t what I call “OOP”. I started
learning Rails, and Ruby, about two months ago and I’m not using PHP
anymore. In fact I even trhough anything that was related to PHP on my

Ruby and Rails are great to get everything done, the language is quite
easy to understand if you’ve already programmed. Grab a Ruby or
RubyOnRails book, and in a couple of weeks (or maybe hours) you’ll be
enjoying it aswell.

cheers :wink:

Depends, and you should ask your host. If they don’t, perhaps you can
suggest they get with the program.

I ended up changing hosts because 1&1 was not very receptive to
discussion on Rails. It was a small inconvenience when compared with
the days of my life that have been saved from using rails. There are
several good hosting companies available for rails. Check out

I chose HostGator because of their reputation for helpful customer
service. I have no complaints.

On Sep 18, 11:13 am, mdk4ever – [email protected]

If you are looking for an IDE extension for Ruby on Rails here is a

Salam Madior Fall

On Sep 18, 9:42 am, mdk4ever – [email protected]

I forgot to mention For Dreamweaver CS3
Salam Fall

Thank you very much you are a wonderful group ,
BTW: I hear that codegear lunched an IDE for rails called 3rdrails, what
do you think ?

they lunched before and IDE for php but ot was very bugy !!!

The latest build of NetBeans has some nice Ruby/Rails features, and it’s
free. I’m using it exclusively at the moment for my rails work (though
I still keep a console open).

This should get you started

is there a full featured IDE, I really hate to use command line to write
ruby syntax or database structure

combination of flex and PHP seems also powerful since with a great
looking interface could be easily implemented , can RoR make good
interfaces or do I have to JS with it ?

On 18 Sep 2007, at 18:09, mdk4ever – wrote:

combination of flex and PHP seems also powerful since with a great
looking interface could be easily implemented , can RoR make good
interfaces or do I have to JS with it ?

You’re confusing a lot of things here.

PHP and Ruby are serverside languages. Rails, Symphony, CakePHP, …
are frameworks.

Flex is nothing more than a presentation layer, just as HTML is. You
can use Flex with RoR (producing XML in your views that Flex can then
take and visualize), just as you could use gulp CakePHP or Symphony
or your own PHP framework to pass XML to Flex. You could also use
HTML and JS to visualize your data, or you could use OpenLaszlo.
Beautiful interfaces are possible with any of these, and it’s a
matter of taste. I personally don’t think the default Flex interface
elements are that great, just like raw unstyled HTML isn’t that great.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

On 9/18/07, mdk4ever – [email protected] wrote:

is there a full featured IDE, I really hate to use command line to write
ruby syntax or database structure

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The thing with Ruby and IDEs is that one: the dynamic nature of the
makes it hard for things like intellisense and two: Ruby is such a
forward language that writing, running, etc is extremely easy.

That said, there are quite a few IDE’s converted to work with Ruby,
including NetBeans, RadRails (Eclipse), and SteelRuby (VisualStudio).


Here are some links that might help for the Flex + RoR combination:

Peter A.

yes I know, I meant if I can use flex with RoR like PHP,
ok thanks for your answer

ok, another question, what about ASP.NET vs ruby ?

thanks alot