GRC 3.7 - cannot import name firdes

Just installed gnuradio 3.7 using the wget script.

Simple flowgraph with noise source -> lowpass filter -> QT GUI sink
works OK.

When I try to run a simple GRC design with a bandpass filter, I get the

cannot import name firdes

How do I make GRC find the correct firdes?

– Tom

Digging further…

Had GRC 3.6, 3.6.5 on the machine and updated it to GRC3.7 using the
wget script (which is supposed I think to remove all previous versions
of GRC).

Starting from a new blank sheet…

GRC3.7 is putting band_pass_filter.xml into the design. This is
the older version of the BPF.

There is a filter_band_pass_filter.xml that appears might be the updated
filter, but it is not on the GRC 3.7 ADD Block menu anywhere.

/usr/local/share/gnuradio/grc/blocks has a lot of older blocks as well
as ones installed by GRC3.7 but I don’t have permissions to modify
anything there.

What is the correct way to get GRC3.7 to use the correct band pass

– Tom

Update …

Completely deleted all Gnuradio, using the shell script from Jonathan
Corgan dated 02-23-2009.

That still left a few files scattered in some of the /usr/local/share
directories and subdirectories. Those were manually removed.

Then reinstalled Gnuradio 3.7 from scratch using wget script.

Now it works.

– Tom