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C475cffda1800fbc3f3af17bc10c220f?d=identicon&s=25 Curt Hibbs (Guest)
on 2007-02-10 09:47
(Received via mailing list)
The only change since RC3 was to fix rake.bat to use 'gem' instead of
the deprecated 'require_gem'.

This release updates Ruby to 1.8.5 patch level 12 (lots of bugs
fixed), and most of the included extensions to their latest versions
(see the change log).

Also, FreeRIDE is no longer included. You can install FreeRIDE
separately from:
Please < Please> report bugs here
(select 185-22 from the "Group" dropdown):

Change Log

2007-02 Release 22 (final)
* Fixed rake.bat to use 'gem' instead of the
  deprecated 'require_gem'

2007-01 Release 22 (rc3)
* Upgraded RubyGems to 0.9.2
* Included the correct file
* rake.bat no longer closes the console window
* "rake" file now included for easy configuration
  of RadRails.

2007-01 Release 22 (rc1 & rc2)
* Upgraded Ruby to ruby 1.8.5p12
  (2006-12-25 patchlevel 12)
* Removed FreeRIDE (you can install separately from
* Removed FXRuby 1.2.6
* Upgraded FXRuby to 1.6.5
* Upgraded fxri to 0.3.6
* Upgraded Expat XML Parser to 2.0.0
* Replaced HTMLParser with Hpricot 0.4
* Upgraded Ruby/DBI to 0.1.1
* Upgraded Ruby ODBC to 0.9994
* Upgraded Win32 Utils to their latest versions
  as of 1-7-2007
* Upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.8d

2006-08 Release 21 - stable release
* Upgraded Ruby to ruby-1.8.5
* Upgraded to win32-clipboard 0.4.1
* Upgraded to win32-eventlog 0.4.2
* Upgraded to win32-process 0.5.1

2006-07 Release 20 - stable release
* Updated the "src" directory to contain the correct
  version of Ruby.
* Stopped dialogs from popping up when installed in
  silent mode (using the /S option).
* Upgraded FXRuby to 1.6.1

2006-07 Release 19 - final release for 1.8.4
* Correct version of FreeRIDE is now included (0.9.6)
* SciTE now invokes the Ruby Help file when editing
  a ruby program.

2006-07 Release 18
* Included all Win32-Util packages that are available
  as RubyGems.
* Updated RubyGems to 0.9.0
* All sample programs now reside under the "samples"
* Updated FreeRIDE to 0.9.6
* Upgrade FXRuby to 1.6.0
* Added option for European keyboard to properly map
  certain input characters in IRB.
* Uninstaller now informs you that the entire
  installation dir will be deleted and gives
  you the option to abort.
* Upgraded Ruby to ruby-1.8.4-20060414
* Log4r is now installed via RubyGems

2006-05 Release 17
* Start menu items are now removed on uninstall
* Upgrade VRuby to vruby060223
* Upgrade SWin to vrswin060205
* Upgrade FXRuby to 1.4.6
* Upgraded zlib to 1.2.3.
* RUBYOPT is now properly handled on install and
  uninstall when adding the -rubygems option.

* SciTe now defaults, for ruby file, to two-space tabs
  and indent, and shows line numbers.
* Standalone "ri" and "rdoc" ruby files are now included
  (in addition to ri.bat and rdoc.bat) because these are
  needed for the RDT Eclipse plugin.
* Fixed file association and icons for *.rb & *.rbw
* XML Parser is now included again.

* DBI is now included again, but only with the ODBC
* Fix a problem where fxri and ri did not work properly
  (the ri database was being duplicated).
* Updated release notes to mention that the install now
  only contains bindings to Tcl/Tk and that to use Tcl/Tk
  you must install it (recommending ActiveTcl).
* <ruby>\bin now added to beginning of the system
  path instead of the end.


* Switched back to SciTE from Notepad++
* Upgraded FXRuby to 1.4.4.
* Completely rewrote build system to build on top of
  the ruby-mswin32 distribution, and use rake to run
  the build process.


* RubyMock removed, it is no longer publicly available.
* Packages included as preinstalled RubyGems can no
  longer be optional in the installer. This now includes
  fxri and FXRuby, and RubyGems itself.
* Added FXRuby 1.4.3 (in addition to 1.2.6, which is
  required by FreeRIDE).
* FXRuby 1.2.6 now instaled via RubyGems
* Fxri now installed via RubyGems.
* Upgraded build system to be able to directly install
  extensions using RubyGem.


* Upgraded RubyGems to 0.8.11

* Went back to installing FXRuby through its
  installer instead of its RubyGem.

2005-05-01 Curt

* Included ruby/misc/ruby-electric.el from Ruby 1.9
* Included new build of readline 4.3.2
  (I hope this fixes readline problems)
* included testunit patch needed by Rails
* Updated FreeRIDE to 0.9.4
* Included fxri 0.3.2
* Updated FXRuby 1.2.6
* Updated RubyGems to 0.8.10
* Created start menu shortcuts for RubyGems gem_server
  and viewing the RDoc for installed gems.
* Included user-submitted irb patch

2004-12-25 Curt

* Built from Ruby 1.8.2 final
* OpenSSL 0.9.7e
* Updated RubyGems to 0.8.3
* Updated FreeRIDE to 0.9.2
* Updated GnuWin32ZLib to 1.2.1

2004-12-05 Curt:

* Updated FXRuby to 1.2.2

2004-11-28 Curt:

* Updated FreeRIDE to 0.9.0
* RUBYOPT environment var is prepended and not replaced.

2004-11-08 Curt:

* Built from Ruby 1.8.2 preview3

2004-08-31 17:47 CURT

* Fixed build script to download and build FreeRIDE
from the tarball (I hacked in the FreeRIDE build earlier).

* Added a registry entry that allows you to right click
in windows explorer and select "New>Ruby Program" to create
and empty ruby file.

2004-08-17 13:51 CURT

* Compiled with vc++ 7.1 (required for FreeRIDE debugger)

* Added FreeRIDE 0.7.0 (prerelease)

* Changed TCL/TK support by compileing Ruby
  with the --enable-tcltk_stubs option, and
  eliminated the need to set any TCL environment

* Upgraded Ruby-odbc to version 0.994

2004-07-30 13:51 CURT

* Built from Ruby 1.8.2 preview2

2004-07-29 08:29 CURT

* Built from Ruby 1.8.2 preview1

* Added Start Menu shortcuts to documentation on

* Fixed IRB so that tab completion would work by picking up the
  Windows port of readline.dll and (v4.3.2) from
  ActiveScriptRuby (
  Copies of these files are now in the directory:
  However, tab completion only works for english keyboards.

* Eliminated the installer dialog message that warned you might
  need to reboot your system. This was only true on older versions
  of Windows 98, and prevented an unattended install. For the record,
  an unattended install can be performed using the following command
  line arguments to the installer:
      /S /D=<install dir>

2004-07-21 12:48 curt

* Changed the layout of the Windows registry entries.

* Minor fixes in preparation for 182-14

* Built from Ruby 1.8.2 stable snapshot date 2004-06-29

* Fixed Bug #643 - fixed a typo in a registry entry.

* Upgraded Expat to version 1.95.7

* Upgraded Ruby-odbc to version 0.993

* Upgraded DBI to 0.23

* Upgraded FXRuby to version 1.0.29

2004-05-04 22:17 curt

* Log4R, as distributed in Ruby 1.8.1 had a known error that prevented
  it from being used in even simple cases (reported as bug #552). A fix
  had been posted to ruby-talk:

  I applied this fix and added it to our 181 patch.

2004-04-30 23:55  curt

* Created a Patch-181 directory that contains the ri database and
  win32ole patches for this release. These patch files must be manually
  to the "stable" directory *after* the build, and *before* running

2004-04-30 23:50  curt

* Pulled the win32ole out of 181-10 as a tempoary workaround to
   win32ole being broken in the official 1.8.1 release.

2004-04-25 23:35  curt

* Hand generated the ri database from a post 1.8.1 Ruby snapshot
  (because ri in the Ruby 1.8.1 release tarball was broken).

* Fixed the bad paths in the *.bat files in ruby\bin.

2004-04-01 22:52  curt

* I had to back out my 2004-03-30 change where I removed the installer
  directory. It containsn ruby_env.exe which must be executed to set
  enviroment vars (some day I want to get rid of this program because
  we should be able to do this from the NSIS script).

2004-03-31 23:00  curt

* Upgraded SciTE to the latest version (1.59), which includes support
  for YAML highlighting and Tools menu commands for Ruby syntax
  code profiling, and irb.

2004-03-30 23:00  curt

* The Ruby Installer included and installed a copy of the ruby installer
  NSIS script and some (but not all) of the resources needed to build
  the installer. I removed this because it didn't server any purpose
  (it was incomplete and people can get the ruby installer off of
  rubyforge if they ant it).

 * Fix the problem where "irb.bat", "erb.bat" and "rdoc.bat" had the
   wrong path in them.

2004-03-29 22:34  curt

* I created the file ...\installer\ChangeLog.txt (this file) to log
  all changes made to the Ruby Installer. Many of these changes are
  relevant only to those of us who are working on the installer.

  Changes the are relevant to the end-user of the Ruby Installer
  should be copied to ...\installer\stable\ReleaseNotes notice that
  there is *no* ".txt" extension). The content of this file is copied
  to ReleaseNotes.txt during the build.

* You can now specify a proxy server to be used for the downloads by
  setting the environment variable "http_proxy", like this:
     set http_proxy=http://myproxy:8080/

* You skip building the RI Database by setting this environment
     set build_ri=false
  Buiding the RI Database is very time consuming, and temporarily
  this can be used to speed up the edit-build-debug cycle.

* I renamed the README file to ReadMe.txt for make it easier to edit
  this file on windows (this *is* a windows installer, you know!  :-)

2004-03-28 18:50  curt

* The build process is now completely free of cygwin ans the NSIS
install script has been updated to work properly with NSIS 2.0 final.
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