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A3ac382e2a068558927aa7347cd7afb6?d=identicon&s=25 sundar s. (sundar_ima)
on 2013-08-31 16:36
Hi all,
I am newbie to ruby. I have created gui application with help of two
gems. This application directory contain few ruby scripts and a folder
(containing non ruby supporting files). My question is that how do i
package my application for various platform. This can be either
standalone or installer like deb or rpm. I have checked fpm and omnibus
for creating packages. But could not succeed as i do not know how to
include gem and folder/extra files in to package. To sum it up i have
the following in a project directory:-
What i have:-
1. Few ruby scripts
2. Files/folder containing non ruby files
3. Ruby script(s) uses gems (qtbinding and ruby-dbus)
4. My application is also depends on syslinux and other few packages

What i want:-
1. .deb
2. .rpm
3. (any other native distro packages)
4. .exe
5. Standalone packages (if possible)
6. Good writeup on packaging

What i tried:-
1. Tar2exe
2. exerb
3. omnibus
4. fpm

What i got:-
1. Tar2exe and exerb -->> erro in both the script. Does not run
2. fpm -->> could not include gem and other files for packaging.
3. Seems to be suitable but got an error while building

No configuration file `/home/sundar/omnibus-myproject/omnibus.rb', using
No configuration file `/home/sundar/omnibus-myproject/omnibus.rb', using
Could not extract version information from `git describe`. Setting
version to 0.0.0
Something went wrong...the Omnibus just ran off the road!

Error raised was:

  Could not load the Omnibus projects.


Please do not tell me to make gem from my project. My target is users
and not developers.
Thank you in advance.
9627ec27e4fb3a18be02133b4ddaa901?d=identicon&s=25 Joel P. (virtuoso)
on 2013-09-03 14:02
On Windows you can use the Ocra gem in tandem with InnoSetup to build
and installer which packages all the components together. I've never had
to build an installer from a Linux or Mac environment, though.
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