Packaging ruby script(s) along with gems and other files/folder for various platform

Hi all,
I am newbie to ruby. I have created gui application with help of two
gems. This application directory contain few ruby scripts and a folder
(containing non ruby supporting files). My question is that how do i
package my application for various platform. This can be either
standalone or installer like deb or rpm. I have checked fpm and omnibus
for creating packages. But could not succeed as i do not know how to
include gem and folder/extra files in to package. To sum it up i have
the following in a project directory:-
What i have:-

  1. Few ruby scripts
  2. Files/folder containing non ruby files
  3. Ruby script(s) uses gems (qtbinding and ruby-dbus)
  4. My application is also depends on syslinux and other few packages

What i want:-

  1. .deb
  2. .rpm
  3. (any other native distro packages)
  4. .exe
  5. Standalone packages (if possible)
  6. Good writeup on packaging

What i tried:-

  1. Tar2exe
  2. exerb
  3. omnibus
  4. fpm

What i got:-

  1. Tar2exe and exerb -->> erro in both the script. Does not run
  2. fpm -->> could not include gem and other files for packaging.
  3. Seems to be suitable but got an error while building

No configuration file /home/sundar/omnibus-myproject/omnibus.rb', using defaults No configuration file/home/sundar/omnibus-myproject/omnibus.rb’, using
Could not extract version information from git describe. Setting
version to 0.0.0
Something went wrong…the Omnibus just ran off the road!

Error raised was:

Could not load the Omnibus projects.


Please do not tell me to make gem from my project. My target is users
and not developers.
Thank you in advance.

On Windows you can use the Ocra gem in tandem with InnoSetup to build
and installer which packages all the components together. I’ve never had
to build an installer from a Linux or Mac environment, though.