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on 2007-03-26 21:05
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I can't get the output to the example to work.
I am testing with 2 complex signals and on each signal, the I channel is
a sinusoid and the Q channel is a sinusoid of a different frequency.  I
have connected each of the 4 SMA connectors from the 2 Basic TX
daughterboards to a different channel on an oscope.  I expect to see a
sinusoid on each channel but that is not the case.  I see some weird
waveform on the different channels on the oscope.  Originally I didn't
think the TX mux was set correct because the comments at the beginning
of the example says that it transmits SSB (USB) and that is not what I'm
looking for.  I want each of the 4 different waveforms (2 sines on the
I's and 2 sines on the Q's, all with different frequencies) to come out
of the 4 SMA connectors.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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