Zena transition to 1.0: any encouragement or help welcome

Hi list !

The refactoring to use RubyLess in the templates and improve custom
attributes handling (Property) that started in autumn 2009 was quite big
and now many tests in the 1.0 branch fail.

Such important changes are hard to endure because there is a time when
the feature set and stability of the new development branch (1.0-pre)
goes way below the current stable branch (master = 0.16.x) and moving
all the codebase back up (3 years of production ready code enhancements)
takes time.

So this is an email to ask for any kind of help regarding this bug
fixing task (30% unit test failure).

If you can help fix the tests, please fork
http://github.com/zena/zena.git and use “rake test:units” to see the
list of failing tests. Before fixing bugs, tell zena’s the mailing list
or contact gaspard(at)teti.ch to coordinate bug fixing.

If you cannot help with the bug fix but think Zena is an interesting
project, just drop us a line of encouragement !

Thanks for any feedback.


PS: You can use ‘gold’ to ease code update and pushing:


During setup:

reviewer email = gaspard(at)teti.ch
current gold branch = 1.0-pre (not master)

If you do not want to use gold, you have to track the “1.0-pre” branch
by hand:

git clone http://github.com/[YOUR_NAME]/zena.git
git remote add zena git://github.com/zena/zena.git
git fetch zena
git checkout --track -b gold zena/1.0-pre

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