Zedboard and Pybombs


I’m trying to get GNU Radio installed on a Zedboard and decided to give
pybombs a shot. It’s a take on Ubuntu 12.04 called Xillinux (so that my
group is able to interact with the FPGA).

After running these few lines

  • git clone git://github.com/pybombs/pybombs
  • cd pybombs
  • ./pybombs install gnuradio

My Zedboard took a while to do the installation, but claims 100%
installation… and then nothing. I’m looking in /usr/local/bin for any
the gr .elf files. As far as I can tell pybombs hasn’t actually been
installed anywhere. Am I missing something? Should I be doing something
else entirely when working with an embedded version of Ubuntu? We really
want to stick with this since we know how to send data to and from the


You’ll want to do ‘./pybombs env’ to create a setup_env.sh script that
can source to set up the environment. Assuming you took all the defaults
when you ran pybombs, the installation actually went into a directory
called target located in the same directory where you cloned the pybombs
git repo. That is where you should find the setup_env.sh script.

  • Greg

So after getting your email I erased the pybombs folder I had and did

  • git clone git://github.com/pybombs/pybombs
  • cd pybombs/
  • ./pybombs env [accepted all defaults]
  • cd …
  • cd target/
  • source setup_env.sh
  • cd …
  • cd pybombs/
  • ./pybombs install gnuradio

Again ran to 100% completion (in an usually short amount of time) and I
still can’t find any of the related files after searching for gr_*

When running

  • ./pybombs info gnuradio
  • ./pybombs list gnuradio

it seems like it’s just choosing not to install all the necessary

I went through and installed the packages listed as dependencies of
gnuradio one by one before again trying

  • ./pybombs install gnuradio

and got the old

PyBombs.sysutils - WARNING - deb_exists: could not find a downloadable
version of libboost1.53-dev
PyBombs.sysutils - WARNING - deb_exists: Does not satisfy
requirement…downloadable version of libboost-dev (1.48.0) is not >=

Before again seeing

Installing 100% [====…===]

And then being returned to the pybombs directory, again with no gr_*