<%= yield :article %><%= yield :agentur %>

Hi i start my first project in ruby on rails and i dont know how to
add to yields in one layout. i tried this but it dont works:
folder strucur in view is:

file: app/views/layouts/articles.html.erb

Link1 open article

<%= yield :article %>

Link2 open agentur

<%= yield :agentur %>

Please help!!!

can nobody held me???
in one layout i iry to have two yields. first is: <%= yield :article
%> and second is:<%= yield :agenturs %>

the first yield works great because the layout file is view/layouts/
if i call the layout view/layouts/agenturs.html.erb then the second
yield works fine.

in a browser the call looks like this: localhost:3000/articles or

You need to have in your view:

<% content_for :article do %>
stuff goes here
<% end %>

In order to know what replaces:

<%= yield :article %>

in your layout. One thing that’s useful to know is that the view is
rendered FIRST and then the layout is found and rendered. That’s why
the <%= yield %> and <%= yield :symbol %> can find the right parts to


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