(yet another) sorting patch

Hi All,

Sorry to step on your toes Erik, but I was halfway through this when
you posted your patch (which I haven’t had a chance to look at just
yet). I converted the page list from tables to lists, and used
scriptaculous to order pages. It doesnt do reparenting, so only allows
you to sort children, not move children to different sections.

It’s a pretty invasive patch, but I did get to remove most of the
javascript from admin/pages/index.rhtml (I enjoy deleting code :slight_smile: ). If
anyone could take a look at it and see how it works for them, it would
be much appreciated:


It breaks a few of the unit tests (due to the sorting) and I haven’t
tested it on Internet Explorer yet.


I thought about doing the list convertion, it would have been
cleaner. I decided to skip the AJAX for and do the page refresh as I
did not want ot bite off more that I could chew. It does have a
speed issue going this route. It feels a little slow one one site
with 132 pages.

Since you have implemented the page to use lists I should be able to
convert my re-parenting stuff to make use of that and avoid the
refresh issue. Would you be interested in a patch on your patch that
does that?

Here is a patch that has your stuff and that adds re-parenting. It
needs the icons from http://dev.radiantcms.org:9007/radiant/ticket/
179 that are ugly. I have not done the dynamic ajax update. Need
to figure out a few thing about how you are doing the depth stuff.


Since bodhi’s code it much nicer than mine I used his as a base to
add the reparenting code on to. His code also has the benefit of
using a lists and spans for layout which is much nicer to work with
the tables in the present version of the page’s page.

This patch has been added to the http://dev.radiantcms.org/radiant/
ticket/199 ticket.