YARV for ArchLinux


Had some minutes to spend today and thought it would be pretty neat to
YARV (as announced on
http://redhanded.hobix.com/cult/yarvMergedMatz.html) on
ArchLinux, so i went ahead and created a little PKGBUILD :slight_smile:

one can find it at AUR (ruby-yarv-svn):

installation as usual (aurbuild, qpkg or makepkg yourself)

Not sure if this belongs to ruby-talk, but for all the ruby-addicted
out there this is pretty good news :slight_smile:
after installation one can use it with ruby_yarv - there are issues with
rubygems as everybody might expect, so calm down a bit - your favorite
won’t run on it (yet).

And it’s also a little reminder for all the other maintainers out there,
some packages for YARV, people want to try it and there is no reason why
shouldn’t be able to do it :wink:

Not to mention that it would be pretty good advertisement for ruby to
something to show off, right?