YARV Bytecode Documentation

Hello *,

does anybody know any (if possible up-to-date)
documentation/specification of the Ruby 1.9 (YARV) bytecodes? The only
docs I could find are:

YARV: Yet another RubyVM / Instruction Table (a simple table of the opcodes)


YARV: Yet another RubyVM - Software Architecture (not much more than a table)

However, both sites seem to be outdated and are lacking some useful
explanations (e.g., what is the op_flag parameter for a send, and many
more); also the sourcecode of the VM itself seems to be totally
undocumented in that regard.

Help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance,

Hi, check out this one:

It is generated from the current Ruby 1.9 source code, I described
it here:

On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 11:19 PM, Christoph Angerer

thanks, that was exactly what I was searching for:)