YARD TomDoc v0.5.0 released

YARD TomDoc 0.5.0 has been released.

Use TomDoc documentation format with YARD.

Version 0.8.0 of YARD broke the yard-tomdoc plugin. After some
discussion with Loren Segal, the developer of YARD, he decided that a
new API was needed for plugins like yard-tomdoc. So YARD 0.8.1 was born.
This release takes advantage of the new API. If you are using the latest
and greatest version of YARD, you need to upgrade to yard-tomdoc 0.5+


  • Improved support for YARD 0.8.1+.
  • Support multiple versions of YARD in a nice way.
  • Use @api private tag instead of @private for Internal status.
  • Add support for YARD version 0.8+.
  • Fixes for Internal and Deprecated marks.
  • Fix error for ‘Deprecated’ description
  • Fix Issue #3, Error for ‘Internal’ description.