Yaml for jqgrid

Anyone have a more extensive yaml file for jqgrid than the one that’s
shown with the example Jqgrid Demos page?

Also, I’ve been successful in just using the straight jQuery javascript
code, rather than invoking the yaml file to produce it), but sometimes
get an “unitialized class variable @@grid_name” error. I was doing this
because all the code I see on the web to achieve anything, just shows
the jQuery code, rather than the yaml code that produced it. I know
that using the yaml file avoids hard-coding the grid name, but I don’t
know how to create functions in yaml that turn out the way they look in
the code that results. So the million dollar question is … should the
code always be generated by invoking a yaml file (which seems to avoid
getting the “unitialized class variable @@grid_name” error", or is it ok
to use the ‘straight’ jquery javascript code? Hope that makes sense.

Any help offered is greatly appreciated.

maybe help you.