Yajb - java-ruby bridge

i was using rjb until some of the java libraries i was using started
misbehaving. now i’m giving yajb a shot which seems to behave the way
i expect it to and is a lot simpler to code. my problem:

i have a class that takes a constant, which is a member of the class,
so i have to do something like this to make it work:

const_accessor = jnew :SearchCriteria, “dfdfa”, “dasf”, 0
#we can access constants from class now
search = jnew :SearchCriteria, “FirstName”, “Stuart”,
#this works…

i tried this:
search = jnew :SearchCriteria, “FirstName”,
“Stuart”, :SearchCriteria.CRITERIA_EQUALS
doesn’t work

any ideas how to make the above work without having to instantiate the
const_accessor ??