Yahoo! Widgets (JavaScript) - do we have a anything like thi


Hi all!

There is a challenge on Pixel Corps (

to write a cool widget that runs both on WinXP and Mac OS X… I was
to use Ruby and OpenGL. In the challenge, they mentioned Yahoo! Widgets
( ). I checked it out, and it looks amazing!
They provide all sorts of graphics API to make things easier, and the
thing is based upon JavaScript and XML.

Do we have anything like this in the Ruby world?


– Glenn


DÅ?a Å tvrtok 09 Február 2006 00:28 Glenn M. Lewis napísal:

– Glenn

Wouldn’t bindings to Linux desktop / window managers let you implement
for those? (Look, Mom, no proprietary applet engine!) Just a thought,
really actually looked into it.

David V.