Yahns 1.0.0 -_- sleepy application server for Ruby

A Free Software, multi-threaded, non-blocking network application server
designed for low idle power consumption. It is primarily optimized
for applications with occasional users which see little or no traffic.
yahns currently hosts Rack/HTTP applications, but may eventually support
other application types. Unlike some existing servers, yahns is
extremely sensitive to fatal bugs in the applications it hosts.

Changes since 0.0.3:

Mostly fixes for the extras/* stuff running on yahns.YHBT.net and
documentation/packaging fixes.  Anyways, this is hosting the
yahns website for a while now (running rack.git) without any
major issues.

Also, the mailing list will need to move/change because Rubyforge is
going away.  Everything I said for the unicorn ML applies to this 

too: http://mid.gmane.org/[email protected]

git clone git://yhbt.net/yahns.git for full details

Please note the disclaimer:

yahns is extremely sensitive to fatal bugs in the apps it hosts.
is no (and never will be) any built-in “watchdog”-type feature to kill
stuck processes/threads. Each yahns process may be handling thousands
of clients; unexpectedly killing the process will abort all of those
connections. Lives may be lost!

yahns hackers are not responsible for your application/library bugs.
Use an application server which is tolerant of buggy applications
if you cannot be bothered to fix all your fatal bugs.