XOXO v1.2.0 released

XOXO 1.2.0 has been released.

XOXO is a Ruby XOXO parser and generator. It provides a Ruby API similar
to Marshal and YAML (though more specific) to load and dump
XOXO[XOXO 1.0: Extensible Open XHTML Outlines - Microformats Wiki], an simple, open outline format
written in standard XHTML and suitable for embedding in (X)HTML, Atom,
RSS, and arbitrary XML.

Converting Hashes with ‘url’ for a key are treated completely as a
tags. Before they were converted into a tags and dl tags for any
“left over” keys. This release also modernizes the build configuraiton.


  • Hashes with ‘url’ keys are ONLY a tags.
  • Use XOXO::Assoc to keep definition lists in order if possible.
  • Modernize build configuration.