XmlSimple vs XML::Simplel?


I have a bunch (thousands) of XML files that I want to process. I want
to extract a limited set of data from each and put that data, along with
the XML file’s id, into MySQL so that users can do a structured search
for (and thus retrieve) specific XML files… I’ve got some Perl scripts
I put together using XML::Simple to do the extraction of the data into
CSV files, which I then load into the DB. User interaction will be
through a RoR app. I’m considering replacing the Perl extraction
processing, incorporating it into the RoR app. (consideration driven by
maintenance considerations: two vs one).

I already know that XML::Simple is not going to give me all the
capabilities I need in the long run (the file structures / contents
vary), but it got me started. I’m wondering how close a port Ruby’s
XmlSimple is to Perl’s XML::Simple (i.e., how much work is this going to
turn out to be?) I’m also wondering how Ruby’s support for processing
of complex XML compares to Perl’s. My next step in processing these
files is likely to require I jump into the deep end.

I’m really not looking for a seat at a flame session, just some
objective info / advice from folks who’ve “been there, done that.” I’d
appreciate any input / feedback from those with XML experience in both
Ruby and Perl.


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