Xml-simple 1.0.12 released


I have released a new version of XmlSimple (xml-simple 1.0.12) some
minutes ago.

XmlSimple offers a simple API to read and write XML documents. It is a
Ruby translation of Grant McLean’s Perl module XML::Simple. Simply put,
it automatically converts XML documents into a Ruby Hash and vice versa.

Documentation can be found here: http://xml-simple.rubyforge.org/

Major changes in the new version:

  • Works with Ruby 1.9.1, 1.8.x
  • Accepts compressed XML documents represented by Zlib::GzipReader
    objects (added by Jay Lawrence).
  • Supports ‘AttrPrefix’ option (added by Reid Morrison).

Simply run ‘gem install xml-simple’ or ‘gem update’ to get the new



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