Xilinx SFF SDR Platform

I just read that Xilinx has come out with an interesting small form
factor SDR platform.

More details can be found here:


It’s a shame they are priced so high, but it would be very interesting
to see how difficult it might be to get GNURadio to work with other
sets of hardware over USB - especially since it’s just a datastream.


It is not the same type of product as USRP. It don’t need to work with
GNURadio I think. The products of xilinx, including other big companies,
Spectrum, ICS, Pentek… can complete all the signal processing on the
board. They have high processing speed, fast real-time reaction
The cost are their high price, expensive development software etc.
So they are not comparable.


2006/11/14, Brian P. [email protected]: