XHTML 1.1 validation and Radiant Mailer Behavior


I get in trouble while trying to validate my XHTML 1.1 contact page
containing a form generated by Radiant Mailer Behavior. Please see the
report here:


The error seems caused by misplaced tags and empty or misscased (POST)
attributes. Is this possible that someone fix this?

Here is the source of my contact page form:

<r:mailer:form name=“contact”>
<r:mailer:hidden name=“subject” value=“Contact depuis le site” />

|>. Vos prénom et nom : | <r:mailer:text name=“nom” />
|>. Votre ville : | <r:mailer:text name=“ville” />
|>. Votre adresse email : | <r:mailer:text name=“email” />
|>. Votre numéro de téléphone : | <r:mailer:text name=“tel” />
|>. Votre Message : | <r:mailer:textarea name=“message”
/> |
|   | <r:mailer:submit value=“Envoyer
ce message” /> |


Thank you!


Sorry if it’s a newbie reply, but why is this not fixed definitely, so
don’t have to fix it at each update?

Jonathan Métillon wrote:

Thanks Sean!

Does it mean that each time in update my copy of Radiant, I’ll have to
edit and modify mailer_behavior.rb?
Yes. Basically you can search for “POST” and replace that pretty
easily. There are some other bugs in it, though, that I had to fix
(like duplicate “value” attributes on some tags). Since the code is
very similar in structure, you could probably copy and paste a lot of it
back into mailer_behavior.rb. You might look at Loren’s recent message
about converting behaviors to page types and do the inverse.


When I converted the Mailer behavior into an extension, I had to deal
with that. The code is pretty straightforward, just search
mailer_behavior.rb for ‘POST’ and replace it with ‘post’. Also, make
sure to put any emitted mailer form fields in a block-level element like




The mailer behavior is under source control belonging to Matt McCray, it
was not developed by the core team. If you want the
latest-and-greatest, you can use the mental branch and the mailer
extension which I ported from Matt’s original code.


Thanks Sean!

Does it mean that each time in update my copy of Radiant, I’ll have to
and modify mailer_behavior.rb?


Flying out to SF this morning… I’ll be updating extensions
(aggregation, ldap, mailer, search) on the flight hopefully.


Oh, ok. I’m sorry then, and thank you for fixing that :slight_smile:

Thanks Sean. Have a good flight!



“post” has been lower-case for quite some time IIRC.


Hi Sean! Did you?


Hi Sean,

Did not see any XHTML-related change in this changeset. Anyway, thank
for the mailer extension update!