Dear everyone:
Recently I am studying the daughterboard xcvr2450 and again there
are some problems confuse me.
1…You see,there are two eeproms in xcvr2450.Besides the
daughrerboard id,is there anything else stored in the eeproms? If there
is ,where can I find the codes stored in them?And what are those codes
used for?
2…According to the schematic,there are five io pins in J3 and J4
on XCVR2450 connected to AD9862 AUX DAC/ADC pins on motherboard.Through
the mail list I think they are used for AGC and something else.So can
you tell me exactly how they work and where the related codes are? If I
run for example benchmark_tx and benchmark_rx, are the functions related
to those AUX ADC/DAC run automaticly or I must run it manually?
Any of your answers will be very appreciated.Thank you.