X310 firmware questions


I have two questions about X310 firmware, please.

I want to use two 10GigE ports, so need the XGS image. When I download
this with uhd_images_downloader.py, I get the error that indicates a
firmware mismatch (Expected FPGA compatibility number 0x4, but got
0x3.0). I am using the latest live GNURadio DVD based on GNURadio
v3.7.4. I think this indicates to me that the XGS firmware downloaded
is not the latest. Where can I get the latest, or one that is compatible
with GR 3.7.4 please?

Using the HGS image from the live DVD (GR 3.7.4, it is happy about the
compatibility, being 0x4) burned onto the X310, the example applications
mostly seem to work OK, except rx_samples_to_file. When this is run, it
works fine (with the 1GigE port), except it will only run once when
using the 10GigE port. When run again is complains about a recoverable
error, then won’t run thereafter. A power cycle is required, as the X310
seems to lock up completely and cannot be detected by any of the example
applications again. I am using an Intel X520 based adaptor as
recommended in the manual, and a copper passive direct attach SFP+
cable. Other example apps such as rx_timed_samples and benchmark_rate
work fine. I am also using a recent XGE driver as provided with Centos

Thanks for any help,

You’re probably better taking this to the usrp-users mailing list.

What version of UHD does the LiveDVD include?

The uhd_images_downloader.py downloads firmware/fpga images that match
the version of UHD it thinks you have on your system, just to your local
disk. It doesn’t not burn said images into the USRP device. You used the
fpga image burner? Did you power-cycle afterwards?

On 2014-08-22 11:53, David M. wrote:

Thanks for any help,

Discuss-gnuradio mailing list
[email protected]
Discuss-gnuradio Info Page [1]


Discuss-gnuradio mailing list
[email protected]

Thanks Martin,

I’ll check the usrp-users list.

I thought the version on the LiveDVD was 3.7.4, but Johnathan is
correct, my bad.
All the same though, the XGS firmware seems to be somewhat hard to get,
I just came across it by doing a uhd_images_downloader.py, got excited,
and it turned out to be too old.
What is annoying is that the X310 documentation specifically refers to
the XGS firmware, but where is it?

Cheers and Thanks,