X300, PCIe, Windows 7

Hi all,

I am wondering if someone had success using a X300 on Windows with the
PCIe connection.
I can see the X300 with uhd_find_devices (UHD 3.7.0):

– UHD Device 0

Device Address:
type: x300
fpga: HGS
serial: F4C001
product: X300

I’m having troubles to use it with my code.

First of all, I would like to know which version and images I should
3.7.0 or 3.7.1?
image .bit or .lvbitx?


Hi all,

I’ve able to understand the problem, so here’s a little info for people
who might get in the same trouble.

I have used:
UHD 3.7.1
FPGA Image: usrp_x300_fpga_HGS.lvbitx

When I used uhd_usrp_probe over PCIe, I had the error:
Could not initialize RIO session. A valid .lvbit x bitfile is required.
If you are using a valid .lvbitx bitfile, the bitfile may not be
compatible with the software you are using. (Error code -63101)

I realized that UHD is really looking for the file
C:\Program Files (x86)\UHD\share\uhd\images\usrp_x300_fpga_HGS.lvbitx

So, uhd_usrp_probe started to work correctly over PCIe when I copied the
.lvbitx file in that location.

Then, I had the same error when running my code.
I had recompiled uhd.dll in 64-bit, with UHD_LIB_DIR defined to
So, I realized that this time, my UHD was looking for
C:\Program Files\UHD\share\uhd\images\usrp_x300_fpga_HGS.lvbitx

So, I copied the file in that location, and my code is now working fine.

Hope this helps!