X-Accel-Redirect and encodings


I’ve just been bitten by the bug described previously here
X-Accel-Redirect expects a decoded URL, which it will encode, but when
non-ascii characters are present in the URI this process fails to
produce the correct URL.

According to this 2010 thread
the correct way to do this would be for the encoding to be done by the
application, and then nginx would just use the URL in its provided form,
without trying to divine the correct way to encode it. There have been
attempts to do this (http://forum.nginx.org/read.php?29,221834,221834)
but they were not accepted. This one in particular tried to guess if the
URL was already encoded or not.

Since I’m not familiar with nginx’s code, I would like to know if it
would be very hard to accomplish this task? Namely, to stop trying to
encode the URL received in the X-Accel-Redirect header. It seems that
I’m not alone in this and old threads exists about this issue, but since
no fix was produced I’m tempted to try it myself.

Best regards,
Andr Cruz