X-Accel-Redirect, action after download and where nginx uploading tmp files?

I need to know two things:

  1. is possible, if I use X-Accel-Redirect for file downloads, to execute
    some php script after file downloaded? I need this to count real file

  2. I still need to test nginx but before I start to test I need to know
    how nginx uploading files with php, lighttpd first creating temp files
    on location for temp files on one hard drive and after upload that files
    moving to final location (hard drive) and if I want to upload that file
    to second hard drive (not main where is temp folder) and on busy site
    that using too much hard drives because moving files from hard drive X
    to hard drive Y and if that file size 1GB and if 20 people uploading
    that killing server…somebody can write here how nginx working this


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