WYSIWYG anyone?

John, I apologize for bringing up a topic that you’re not too enthused
about. But if anyone here wants to make a WYSIWYG editor for Radiant
produces (or at least encourages) good, semantic markup, you might be
interested in this project: Loki | Carleton College.

It would probably be considered “pre-alpha”, and so far it relies on
PHP stuff, but the goal and direction of the project (minimal, with
standards-compliant output) might make it a better starting point than
TinyMCE or anything else. The developers would appreciate constructive
criticism as well as contributions.

Here are some caveats from Matt Ryan at Carleton -

  1. It is still referring to some css outside its package that won’t
    exist on someone else’s site. This doesn’t really cause any problems
    other than js perhaps complaining in the console.
  1. The javascript you actually have to put in your page can be
    extensive. We have dealt with that by writing a PHP class that handles
    all the js insertion, but since you are using Ruby on Rails, you might
    have to either write your own Ruby wrapper, somehow execute PHP (that
    might be ugly), or help us by figuring out how to simplify the js
    needed to actually be on the page itself. The Ruby wrapper would be
    nice to have, since then other Ruby/Rails developers could easily plug
    Loki into their apps. The simplification would be nice, too, though.