Wysihtml5 for rails

Does anybody have experience with wysihtml5 for rails? I have installed
the WYSIWYG editor and it is working fine, but I’m not sure how to
manipulate any of its characteristics. I want to hide the buttons on
some occasions and more importantly need to set it to a read only mode
on a particular page so users can click on URL’s in the WYSIWYG text

My current setup…
gem ‘wysihtml5-rails’ in gemfile
(GitHub - NARKOZ/wysihtml5-rails: A wysiwyg text editor for use in the Rails asset pipeline)

In "show’ page…

<%= text_area_tag id=“ck_a”, @formatted_question[:anno_a],
:class=>‘wysihtml5’ %>

           <script type="text/javascript">
  $('.wysihtml5').each(function(i, elem) {

Also, not sure why but only works when
is below the text_area_tag in the body of the page.

I’m half way through Heads UP Javascript book to give you an idea of my
level of programming ability, so thanks for the help!