wxSugar 0.1.18

Coinciding with the wxRuby 1.9.2 release, we’ve got a new version of
wxSugar to go with it:



gem install wx_sugar

== WHAT’S NEW ==

The main exciting new feature in this release is a new tool called
“xrcise” to make working with visual GUI designers such as DialogBlocks
much easier. This tool generates all the code you need to load
Dialogs, Frames and Panels from XRC (XML layouts), and will create ruby
accessor methods for controls in those Frames, and extend controls with
ruby modules. Then all that’s left to write is your event handling code

  • your program logic and layout are strictly separate.

If you install via rubygems this will be installed as binary
automatically. You can read more about xrcise on the wiki:

This release also fixes a number of compatibility issues with wxRuby
1.9.2, and it’s recommended that you install both at the same time.


Thanks to Sean L. for help building the xrcise tool, and to
contributors on the mailing lists for suggestions.