Wxruby2 problems

Thanks for the repacking directions with rs2exe !

  1. [warning: this is bizarre!] While running a script with a wxruby
    GUI, my mouse (trackball, actually) becomes much slower. It’s
    configured to be quite fast because I have a large script, but slows
    down (by a factor of 2, at least) while the script is running. When
    the script exits, the cursor regains its original speed. This does not
    happen with simple ruby scripts (those without wxruby)

|Strange, I have never seen this before. Do you have any special software
|for your trackball, or are you just using your standard system settings
|to make it fast? Does is slow down across the whole system, or just when
|you’re in the wxRuby app?

I’m not using any special software, just the usual Windows mouse

It slows down only when I’m in the wxRuby app. It also happens in apps
packed by rs2exe. Interestingly, it doesn’t happen with apps written
in the previous version of wxRuby.