Wxruby2-preview 0.0.38 & wxSugar 0.1.3

wxruby2-preview 0.0.38 is now available as source and binary gems for
Windows, Linux and OS X from:


There’s also a recent new release of wxSugar, as a ruby gem or tarball:


== WHAT IS wxRuby?

wxRuby is a comprehensive ruby port of the wxWidgets GUI library. It
provides a great range of native GUI widgets on Windows, Linux/GTK and
OS X; you write GUI code once and give users the look, feel and
behaviour they expect from desktop applications on their platform.

wxSugar weds the features of wxRuby to Ruby’s expressive syntax; it aims
to provide a clearer, more natural and often more concise means of
writing GUI code.


The major feature additions since our last announcement here:

  • The complete Printing framework
  • HtmlWindow and HtmlEasyPrinting, plus related classes
  • HelpController and HtmlHelpController for displaying online help
  • Enhanced internationalisation support, including the Locale class
  • Sundry new classes: DragImage, TaskBarIcon, WindowDestroyEvent and
  • Fixed the useful item_data family of functions
  • Many fixes and addditional method within existing classes
  • New and updated docs and samples http://wxruby.rubyforge.org

(Plus all the good stuff that’s new about wxruby2 - UTF8, better looks
on OS X and Linux, downloadable docs, thorough API coverage within
classes etc…)


We’ve fixed lots of bugs, but this is still a preview/alpha release, and
not really suitable for production use. We hope to have a beta/release
candidate within the next one or two cycles. Major tasks outstanding:

  • Fix remaining GC crashers
  • Fix a few platform bugs with certain classes
  • Add the Clipboard and Drag and Drop classes
  • Tidy and finish updating the documentation and samples
  • Any other important GUI classes or methods we’ve missed
  • Make a nicer logo and website

We very much welcome help - reporting bugs, noting or fixing errors in
docs or samples. The tracker page for the project is at:


Many thanks to all the contributors, builders and testers who made this
release happen.


Alex F. wrote:

wxruby2-preview 0.0.38 is now available as source and binary gems for
Windows, Linux and OS X

Windows users have reported that wxruby2 0.0.38 causes fairly frequent
segfaults in larger programs. Since this is GC related, you can “fix”
this by adding


at the top of your scripts.

Obviously we’ll be looking to resolving this ASAP; stack traces would be
a great help if you can provide them. Sorry for the noise…