wxRuby - tabular data with extra widgets


I am needing to display a table of data.
I need to be able to sort the columns by clicking the label at the

top (ideally such that one click sorts ascending, the next descending
etc etc)
I need grid lines.
I need to be able to include drop down lists in multiple columns,
such that selecting the drop down will change columns in the same row.

This data is backed by active record, and I have active support etc


My first thought was to use Wx::Grid, but I don't have the first

idea how to go about getting a drop down into a column.

My second thought is to use a grid sizer of some sort, but that

would mean creating my own buttons for the column headers, doing
something to get a grid etc etc.

What other options to I have? Or how do I go about 1)?

All pointers appreciated!

Current source is at