Wxruby gem loaded, but require 'wxruby' not found

I have wxruby gem installed. This is confirmed by gem list command.
But when I run the sample code below I get an error that states:

trout.rb:1:in require': no such file to load -- wxruby (Load Error) from trout.rb:1:in

What might be wrong?


require ‘wxruby’

class TroutApp < App
def on_init
frame = Wx::Frame.new(nil, -1, ‘Tiny wxRuby Application’)
panel = Wx::StaticText.new(frame, -1, ‘You are a trout!’,
Point.new(-1, 1), DEFAULT_SIZE,


try require ‘wx’.

Tony M. wrote:

try require ‘wx’.

That worked! But now I get a window that pops up saying “The program
can’t start because msvcrt-ruby18.dll is missing from your computer!”
I’m using Ruby 1.9, so why is it looking for a Ruby 1.8 file?

Does wxruby work with Ruby 1.9? Did I install the wrong gem?

– Alex

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