Wxruby: clearing and replacing contents of a frame (panel?)

I was thinking about switching one of my projects interfaces over to
wxruby. But before I do, I need to know: how does the clearing and
replacing of frame (panel?) contents work in wxruby? Lets say you had a
window divided up into three panes, and you wanted the contents of the
third pane erased and replaced with new buttons and text. What would
this look like in code? (Any examples would be appreciated.)

I’m going through the API, but this isn’t quite clear to me. In shoes,
you can just take the stack or flow, call “clear” on it, and then add
new objects within the context of the stack/flow, but I’m not sure what
the parallel is within wxruby. This is rather fundamental to my
interface concept, so this is why I am asking /before/ getting into