Wxruby and rubymsn

Hello I’m currently playing with wxRuby and RubyMSN to learn to program
desktop-programs. I know it is a hard task instead of just crating a
notepad etc, but I need a bigger task than a notepad.

I now do manage to use them by them self, but I cant get them to work
together. The problem is the loop.

RubyMSN wants to have an endless loop like

while true
sleep 1

or using the GUI’s mainloop or something

I currently have this code as the loop

while true
sleep 1

I have my window working, and the main_loop doing something. But I cant
log in, it’s like I doesn’t have any loop (from the tutorial), I only
get one debug line. But as soon as I close the window and lets the
endless loop do it’s job it works like a charm.

Someone ?

Duplicate at

answered on stackoverflow, here’s a copy for the sake of the rubytalk

Worked for me. Try this: copy the minimal sample from the wxruby
distribution, and modify minimal.rb so that you start your msn thread
just before the wx main loop:

require ‘msn/msn’

conn = MSNConnection.new(“[email protected]”, “secretpassword123”)

Wx::App is the container class for any wxruby app. To start an

application, either define a subclass of Wx::App, create an instance,

and call its main_loop method, OR, simply call the Wx::App.run class

method, as shown here.

Wx::App.run do
self.app_name = ‘Minimal’
frame = MinimalFrame.new(“Minimal wxRuby App”)

You’ll need to symlink the msn directory inside the minimal directory
to get the require statement working, of course.

You don’t need the while true {sleep 1} loop; that’s just to prevent
the program from exiting so that your msn thread can keep running. The
wx main loop accomplishes the same purpose.

As I told in a comment:

Doesn’t seem to get any further.
This is my code now: pastie.org/729297

It still stops after

"–> Sent: “VER 1 MSNP9 CVR0\r\n” "