wxRuby 1.9.5


wxRuby 1.9.5 is now out with a full set of binary gems. It can be
downloaded from the usual place:


Or via rubygems: gem install wxruby

== WHAT’S NEW ==

This doesn’t have any major new features, but has a lot of bugfixes,
including some nasty crashers, and additional useful methods within
existing classes. It also has additions and improvements to the
documentation, such as better cross-referencing. There’s a full list of
changes here:


One change to note is that the default linux-x86 build now doesn’t
include Wx::MediaCtrl. This is to reduce the package dependencies
required to use the gem. As normal, if compiling yourself, and suitable
packages are installed, support for MediaCtrl will be included.
Feedback’s welcome on this.


The main focus will be on bugfixing, minor syntax improvements as well
as improving the samples and docs. The aim is to have a stable wxruby
2.0 shortly based largely on the current feature set.

Whilst wxRuby doesn’t support some of the new and more esoteric GUI
classes in wxWidgets, we think it’s more important to have a production
version out there.

== THANKS ==

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this release through patches,
bug reports and binary builds. Keep 'em coming.