Wxgui_swig Import Error

I created a project in Windows, using GNU Radio Companion that has a WX
FFT Sink, and when I run it I get the following error:

File “C:\Program Files
(x86)\gnuradio\lib\site-packages\gnuradio\wxgui_init_.py”, line 32,
from wxgui_swig import *
ImportError: No module named wxgui_swig

I found out from a previous discussion post that it is a known problem,
I am wondering if it has been remedied.

I am using GNU Radio 3.7.

Thank you.

Paul B. Huter

The issue is that for some reason, building and installing from source
installs the necessary gr-wxgui components, but generating a package
CPack skips it. We still aren’t sure of the reason behind it, but we’re
looking into it.

Building from source does take some doing, but instructions and links to
dependencies can be found here:


There are some 3.6-specific references on this page, but the
will also work for post-3.7 master.

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