Wxgui issue with Windows version of GR-companion


I have managed to install gnuradio on a Win 8 and Win 7 machine and it
seems like most of the block components in gnuradio-companion function
correctly, except for the WX elements.

When I include a WX block, like the FFT sink, it fails to execute with a
Python import error:

File “C:\Program Files
(x86)\gnuradio\lib\site-packages\gnuradio\wxgui_init_.py”, line 32,

from wxgui_swig import *
ImportError: No module named wxgui_swig

I’ve installed all the 32-bit dependencies for Python 2.7 listed on the
Ettus page for the Windows install and I’m running the latest stable
version of gnuradio. I double checked my PYTHONPATH and it does include
site-packages directory inside of gnuradio, as well as the directory for
the wx libraries installed in my python directory. Digging around a
further, I do not see a Python module in any directory for wxgui_swig.

Why is it looking for a module that doesn’t seem to exist? Or to put it
another way, what have I done to mess things up?


Same problem here, fresh install yesterday.
Examples loaded from
C:\Program Files (x86)\gnuradio\share\gnuradio\examples
work fine
anything from the desktop (including same examples) gives ImportError:
No module named wxgui_swig

Who logs in to gdm? Not I, said the duck.

Our build system is having issues with the GNU Radio Windows installers.
We’re currently working on a solution.

Please use this version gnuradio_3.7.2.1-213. i faced same problem then
install this version.then everything is ok. thanks

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