wxGUI graphical sink with X11 forwarding broken

dear Readers,

wxGUI-sinks seems to be brocken under following circumstances:

GnuRadio on (Opensuse 11.4)
xterminal on (Opensuse 11.4)

  1. connect from x.x.x.11 to x.x.x.10 via ssh -X 192.x.x.10
  2. $ gnuradio-companion --> (everything shows fine)
  3. run test.grc with a wxGUI- Scope

new grc-file:
test grc has: generator— throttle — wxGUI-Scope

after short initial startup message of the compiled top_block.py

a) on the Gnuradio-Worstation x.x.x.10: everything works fine:
scope-window opens and show the expected result

b) on the xterminal station x.x.x.11 there is no scope-window opening. a
short message in the still open GR-message window simply shows
“>>> Done”
(no further error messages)

c) if i use older LINUX-Installations LINUX MINT8 or Suse 11.0 or
windows XMing as xterminal-station (e.g. x.x.x.11 similar) it works like
case a) : scope-window is showing up, everything as expected

QT GUI Widgets (scope) work fine under any circumstances

it seems to be independent of the gnuradio version since 3.3 (I tried
3.3, 3.4, 3.5, which I compiled for Opensuse and Ubuntu and Linux Mint 7
and 8) As I remember: it was working before with any combination at that

Since there are many changes in between on the system-versions and the
Gnuradio-Versions I do not know how to catch it.

looking arround in the net gives no answer until now.
I feel, it has something to do with the wxGUI and the combination of the
xserver. (Some times ago there were under special circumstances error
messages showing Xlib-errors)
now i use gtk (v 2.8.) X11: (v7.6) opensuse 11.4, GnuRadio 3.5.0
(compiled by myself)

any recommendations to catch the error?

thanks in advance

M. Hartje

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael H.
Labor Hochspannungstechnik / Labor elektrische Messtechnik
Neustadtswall 30; D-28199 Bremen
Tel +49 421 5905-3444 FAX +49 421 5905-3476

Michael H. [email protected] writes:

GnuRadio on (Opensuse 11.4)
xterminal on (Opensuse 11.4)

Not sure if it helps but I use xpra to run gnuradio on a remote

On Thu, 15 Dec 2011 17:58:29 +0200, Timo Juhani Lindfors wrote:

Michael H. writes:

GnuRadio on (Opensuse 11.4)
xterminal on (Opensuse 11.4)
Not sure if it helps but I
use xpra to run gnuradio on a remote computer.
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You might


Before starting your application,
which will cause OpenGL to behave differently, and not insist that the
X-server has certain extensions that it needs for direct rendering.


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