wxAuiFloatingFrame get_parent not supported

ruby 1.9.3, wxWidgets 2.8.11, wxruby 2.0.1, ubuntu 11.10 x86_64

To get my sizers to update everything in some cases I need to:


Self is a derived class of Wx::ScrolledWindow

The scrolledWindow is embedded in an AUI managed pane. While the pane
is attached, the parent class is Wx::AuiFrame. At this point I can
trigger an event that in turn calls the send_size_event and things are

If I detach the pane and fire the event that calls the
self.parent.send_size_event I get the below error:

/wx/accessors.rb:48:in get_parent': Error wrapping object; classwxAuiFloatingFrame’ is not supported in wxRuby (NotImplementedError)

I am thinking that the floating frame is a top frame and there isn’t
an application parent or I simply (hah) need to implement get_parent
in some manner to deal with the size event feedback I want.

My current theory is I need to find a proper hook at some level above
my embedded window. I am having trouble finding a hook or other method
to get around the above fault. I will continue to try and find a wedge
into the AuiFloatingFrame but think that route may be beyond my
understanding at this time to do some surgery on the SWIG stuff
(working on that).

Any assistance is very much appreciated. In the meantime I will
continue pluggin away at it. If needed, I can whittle down my app to
showcase the problem.

Have a good one!