Wsdl2ruby using net/http instead of httpclient

I’m trying to generate the driver and class files for a WSDL, but it is
failing. First, the WSDL service requires basic authentication. I
found how to specify this in a folder/file “soap/property”. I tried to
re-run wsdl2ruby, it finds the soap/property file but now it gives me
the error:

netHttpClient.rb:67:in `set_basic_auth’: basic_auth is not supported
under soap4r + net/http. (NotImplementedError)

soap4r is supposed to automatically find httpclient that supports basic
authentication, however wsdl2ruby is throwing the error about net/http
which does not support it.

Does anyone know of a patch for this?

This is what’s installed…
Ruby 1.8.7
soap4r-1.5.8 (I’m using wsdl2ruby from this gem)