Writing Messages to a File

Does anyone have methods to write messages to a file? My use case is
tagging baseband sample numbers of the start/end of WLAN packets in
gr-ieee80211. It looks like typically people create custom blocks to
deal with this such as messages to Wireshark. For general metadata to
go along with blobs, I think it makes sense to have a (blob,dictionary)
pmt tuple as the message, much like gr-ieee80211. I’ve implemented a
file message sink block based on this premise which takes a list of
dictionary keys in such a message and writes them to a csv file. If
anyone is interested I can roll it up into a feature request on



I’d be very interested in seeing in such a block. I wonder if it might
be worth generalizing the file sink block somehow…

On Thu, Aug 13, 2015 at 8:06 AM, Paul G. [email protected] wrote:

GitHub - garverp/gnuradio at msg_file_sink


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