Writing a Rails blog that supports Blogger API?

Part of the current project that I’m working on is a blog, and one of
the things I’d like to do is be able to post to the blog from other
applications, using a common interface.

Right now I use the program Windows Live Writer, which supports
Livejournal, Blogger, WordPress, and other blogging systems, to do all
my blog posting. I write the post in Live Writer, then I can send it
to my LJ, my Blogger blog, or WordPress blogs that I’m a part of it,
in just a few clicks.

I’d like to be able to add my Rails blog to that list. What would be
the best way to go about that?

I don’t have any experience with MetaWeblog API, beyond hearing the
name. Would I want to look into that? If not that, what would be the
best option?


I was looking sor something like it a few days ago, i found this page
but I have not had time to read it. There are MetaWeblog apis written
for RoR. Maybe it helps to solve your problem…
Oh, the link:

Chapter 6 of ‘Practical Rails Social Networking Sites’ by Alan
Bradburne implements a blogging engine with a subset of the Blogger
API. You might find that useful.