Write registers on USRP2 FPGA


I was successful trying to add my own FPGA code into the original FPGA
project. I just added a module into the u2_rev3.v and bypass the DSP
pipeline. So, all the original FPGA code is there and the firmware is
running. Now, I would like to modify some registers of my own FPGA
Maybe using the I2C or the SPI standards already implemented via

I read that for the USRP there is a command, "usrper i2c_write i2c_addr
" that can be used to modify some existing registers.

Is there anything similar for USRP2?

Is there any other way to modify an existing register (from the original
code) or a custom register (from my own code) via ethernet?

I would like to clarify that I am using the gnuradio master branch but
there is a way to write these registers using the UHD driver it is also
quite interesting for me.

A lot of thanks in advance.



Thanks for the info about those methods, they seem to be very useful for

You were right, what I am trying to write are the FPGA registers. But I
the registers of my own design. I added a module into the u2_rev3.v file
I would like to modify the value of some registers of this design. I
mentioned I2C and SPI standards because I thought they were usually used
modify the registers values.

Now, another question comes to my mind. How could I get the 32-bit
address of a register from the verilog code?

A lot of thanks for your help and time.


2011/3/17 Nick F. [email protected]