WPF etc


In the IronPython samples for Silverlight I can see a really nice way of
attaching a python file to the canvas.
<x:Code Source=“myfile.py” Type=“text/python” />
which for ruby becomes
<x:Code Source=“myfile.rb” Type=“text/ruby” />
as soon as there is a silverlight refresh I presume.

Doesn’t the current silverlight download not support Ruby yet ?

Anyway my real question is, is such a construct available for WPF as
When i tried to put it in, it didn’t want to work. How is this done for
silverlight? Is that because the silverlight host application extends
code element? Would it be hard to make WPF work in the same way?
I would love to be able to test some of the samples I will have with
silverlight as well, does anybody have any idea as to when we would be
to get something?