Would bundler work with Rails 2.1?

Anyone know if Bundler would work with Rails 2.1?

If not, any idea what the earliest practical version of Rails would be?
I know that 2.3.x is good from my own experience.

Many thanks,

The answer is: mostly.

I went ahead and migrated my 2.1 site to bundler using the standard 2.3
directions (see: Gem Bundler – Manage your Ruby gems).

Standard bundler syntax works great.

However, I needed to “vendor” a couple of older gems that are no longer
available at rubygems.org, and no combination of version and path
specifiers would allow the libs to be found. In these two cases, I had
to explicitly add the gem library directories to the load path in

Case closed - more or less.

Any other experiences with are welcome to be added to this thread.