WorldPay/ProTX Integration

I’m going to be integrating two client projects with e-payment systems
soon - one ProTX and one WorldPay (both UK).

From as far as I can tell there are no existing rails libraries that
support ProTX or WorldPay off the mark - does anybody have any info to
the contrary?

I’ve been looking at ActiveMerchant - and can see that it would be
possible to extend it to support these two payment providers. Does
anyone have any experience on how easy/sensible extending ActiveMerchant

Also, I am interested if anyone else has embarked on such integration
without using a library and how they found it!

Thanks for your help,

~ Mark

A plugin is available for basic HTML integration with WorldPay that also
handles the payment notification callbacks.



have you had any trouble with WorldPay?

We’re trying to integrate our app, we used Paul’s helper methods, but
there seems to be some problem on WP’s side - some DB error or so,
which means it’s not redirecting back to our site after the payment…

Did you have the same problem? If so - what was the problem and how
did you fix it?

Right now, we’re considering to put worldpay onto our site using an
iFrame to integrate the looks, OR to make the page on WorldPay that
they give us look like our site, by putting the required HTML with
links there - which one did you go for?



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