Workshop @LARubyConf: Going Beyond Rails - Scale Non-synchronically

Hi all,
Anyone planning to attend LA Ruby Conf?

If so, consider joining the workshop: Going Beyond Rails - Scale

Key takeaways:

There is a common scenario that all developers face from time to time:
we are going to deploy an application and we need to prove that it is
going to respond well under pressure.

Is the server enough? How can I be sure that the application is going to
respond correctly to 1000 requests per second?

There are tools, techniques and helpers that will help you get the most
of your application before opening it to the public and help you choose
and set the right combination of software and hardware. Also, you can
choose to rebuild a critical part of your application in Goliath, a
non-blocking web server and framework that can speed up things with a
minimum effort.

In this workshop we are going to be developing one very simple
application in Ruby On Rails that we will port to Goliath, test them
with two tools that will squeeze the apps to the top and compare results
on how they performed. We will identify issues and solve them and talk
about tools for auto-scaling applications.

When the workshop is over, you’ll be able to deploy an application
confident that the environment and tools chosen is enough to match your
expectations. This workshop will be conducted by Juan P. Genovese.

Workshop Prerequisites:

  • Laptop with Ruby 1.9.2+ and any OS with compilation utilities (GCC,
    DevKit, etc) and running JVM (Oracle / OpenJDK).
    *Basic understanding of Ruby on Rails 3 (2+ months experience).

About the trainer:
Juan P. has been developing software since he was 18 years old. With
16 years of experience and non-stop learning and having worked in
companies of different sizes and industries, he turned to Ruby back in
2006. Since then he fell in love with the language and started
developing web applications with Rails and scripting everything he could
in Ruby. Currently working for Altoros, he is one of the most
experienced Tech Leads in the company.

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