Workshop for Getting Started with Ruby on Rails in Vancouver

Rails Workshops presents Getting Started with Ruby on Rails, to be
hosted by Nathaniel B. on September 8th in the beautiful city of
Vancouver, Canada.

This workshop will cover the core basics of Ruby including: arrays,
hashes, loops, cases, regular expressions, classes and the standard
Ruby library. After the fundamentals have been covered, Nathaniel will
move onto Ruby on Rails, showing you how to build your first

First by covering the native opinions of Rails such as pluralization,
MVC, testing, routes, view templates. Then getting into the more
complex concepts such as plugins and engines.

This is a full 9 hour course, starting at 9am and ending at 6pm with a
social afterwards to network with your class mates.

Rails Workshops has dropped the price for events being held in their
local city of Vancouver to only $195 in hopes of encouraging
participation for those who may not be able to convince their
organization to cover the bill. Lunch is also included.

There are only 26 seats in total, with 1/4 of the seats already
filled. This is expected to be a sold out event, so please register
soon if you plan to attend.

Concluding the workshop, Nathaniel will share with attendees a
plethora of opportunities available for those looking to get started
on their first contract immediately.

Rails Workshop is pleased to set the standard, and offer a 100% Money
Back Guarantee on all workshops. If you are unsatisfied with the
workshop in any way, simply let Open Source Events know, no questions
asked, and you will be returned a full refund for the event.

For more information, please visit Rails Workshops’ website at

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